Slayerz V2

Slayerz V2 ⚔️🤖 For the Community

2,888 Slayerz / Holders Whitelist / WLSlay Tokens


The Legend of the Dragon Slayerz

For thousands of years, Dragon Slayerz faced the Dragonz of the Slayerversz. As time progressed, the clan began to utilize the Dragonz scales and skulls as armor. This granted the Slayerz special powers and the chances of victory were far greater.

During the famous battle on Mt. Sol, the Dragon Slayerz were facing certain death. Outnumbered and wounded there seemed to be no way out. Unexpectedly, in an act of valor, the head Slayerz chose to sacrifice their lives to save the remaining Slayerz. Their deaths did not go in vain. The Slayerz that managed to escape were able to escape with a dragon egg.

After that day, only 1,444 Slayerz prevailed. With those who remained, they began to nurture the egg and raise the baby dragon. Harnessing the powers from the dragon, the Slayerz developed. Generation over generation, the Dragon Slayerz taught their clan the ways of harnessing the powers their elders once wielded. As time went on more and more creatures emerged challenging the Dragon Slayerz powers. The year is now 5776, 2,888 Slayerz inhabit the lands.

Slayerz, the descendants of the Dragon Slayerz, now truly rule the vast land of Solana and have technologically advanced. In order to stay the superior species, the Slayerz have had to transfuse their human body with robotic like features. The Elite Slayerz took it a step further and integrated their souls into a full robotic like body. These descendants are far more skilled and advanced compared to their ancient ancestors. In fact, legend has it, there are still Dragon Slayerz out hiding in the lands of Solana to this day.

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For the Community

Slayerz DAO

Upon a successful Mint 50% of the earnings will go to a community DAO
Wallet for the Slayerz along with 100% earnings from the Royalty Wallet.

This allocation of funds will be used to continue the Slayerz journey with
team expansion, development, and additional utilities for the continuation of the project.

In the Slayerz Community We Trust 🤝

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